Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary Baby, I got you on my mind...

Before I get into anything, here is an amazing sun rise from this morning in Kill Devil Hills, NC.
So, Robert and I used to live in Los Angeles. Had we stayed there, I don't know that we would have gotten married. I mean, Cali is a common law and community property State - and we knew we weren't going to have kids, so why bother, right? But, we couldn't take the "life" anymore and decided to head East - to Richmond, where one of my brothers lives. So of course, my Catholic guilt combined with moving to what I considered the Bible belt, prompted us to run off to Vegas. We were married on September 25, 1999 - and drove across the country the following Friday with our stuff and my cat Grimmy and landed in Richmond. This past Friday we drove to the Outer Banks to party and relax for 4 days. I LOVE the OBX. My family has been vacationing there for 25 years - and its the last place my entire family vacationed together before my Dad passed away. So I have very sentimental feelings for it.
But without further ado...here is the wonderful man I married sitting in some big honkin' chair in Manteo! (And for those of you who don't know Robert, he's 6 ' 4" and about 230 lbs., so this chair is huge!)
It was raining in Virginia when we left - but once we got to Chesapeake we didn't see any rain again until Saturday night - which, hey, by 9:00 p.m., we were headed back to the condo. It was overcast and low 70's on Friday which was perfect for us!!!!
Saturday was partly sunny but really windy (duh, its the OBX) so thats when we headed over to Manteo and walked around. By Sunday, it was rockin'! We probably met every local in town - we tend to attract the alcoholics and the drug pushers, but hey, whatta ya gonna do! Or really, what does that say about the way we look that we would attract those kinds of people, ha,ha. But we had a great time - we're thankful that after 10 years of marriage and being together for 15 years, we still enjoy each others company and we are still madly in love.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Her name was Lola, she was a dancer....

So, I get the call last weekend from Trina that a little 2 1/2 year old brindle female was being returned after 5 months - and she needed my house - which means, BOOTCAMP! The adopters claimed Lola couldn't be housebroken (keeping in mind they had named her Kiyona, which I hated, and Lola was close enough that she would respond). She was peeing in the house, peeing in the crate, peeing when they put the leash on her, you name it. So I got in my best Dog Whisperer mode and opened my house to her. The bottom line is, this family had made her a very insecure little girl. Lola understood nothing - she didn't even know how to "come" - she didn't know how to walk on the leash. She never peed when I put her on the leash - she didn't have 99% of the issues with me that they had claimed they had. I'm gone 10 hours a day so I knew that would be a challenge for her in the crate. The bottom line is, and what my gut was telling me after 2 days of peeing in the crate, she had anxiety. The minute we would close the door and leave for work she would bark and go off! So this weekend we quit putting her in the crate - she is even sleeping downstairs on the couch with Smokey. We left her yesterday for several hours and she was fine. Obviously, the big test will be Monday when I leave her for 6 hours and come home at lunch to assess the situation. She's a gorgeous little girl - totally cat safe - full of vim and vigor.