Friday, July 30, 2010

Am I really this lame????

I know, I know...absolutely no excuses. I need to sit down this weekend and post pics of not only the hounds and other dogs that I've fostered over the past few months, but we had another 80's rock band reunion this year. I'm hoping the videos of me singing will be available soon - everyone needs a good laugh. Smokey is doing very well. We just fostered a Puggle - yes, a freakin' Puggle - for a week - and Smokey was glad to see her go. It wasn't that she was a pain - she actually could have cared less about Smokey - she just brought an energy to the house that even the cats hated. I get Dash tonight for a week of babysitting - a fellow brindle boy that sadly is goofier than Smokey! Like Trina and Gyeong, this is a busy babysitting time of year - plus I foster for my all breed group so it makes it even trickier. I'm contemplating fostering a really nice Australian Cattledog named Bailey - you can see my other group at And yes, human vacations are on the horizon!!!!! Several of us Greyhound owners will be headed to Vegas in October - man, it's gonna get wild. But I digress....promises of updated pics this weekend...

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  1. No worries. Sometimes a month or more has gone by between updates for me. Looking forward to the pics.