Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 Meatheads and a Little Lady...and daggone it, I'm 45 today!

Isn't this the most gorgeous little girl! This is LuLu - we've been babysitting her for a few days to help out Trina. And while I'm partial to the male houndies, I'm totally smitten with her! She's gorgeous, fun, fearless, frisky, and unbelievably well behaved. Thank God she isn't available for adoption! Her daddy will be here to pick her up in about a half hour - I'm a little heartbroken! And she and Smokey have had the best time together.
This was the 3 dog night. Very interesting for me and Robert because I've never had more than two hounds in the house at a time. Seriously, I think I could have 5 in the house - piece of cake! Robert would disagree with me on that :)
So, once LuLu gets picked up, I'm off to go shopping, take a work out class, and have a nice little nap before going out for my Birthday dinner.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I love Lucy

So we're babysitting Dash again this week. He is a goober just like Smokey! Lazy and wants to eat - that's all they require in life! He does like to bark, oh, about every 2 hours in the middle of the night. Needless to say, I'm less than rested these days. But I adore him ;) But now on to Lucy....
This is my baby girl Lucy - I need to give her some props, as she rarely makes it on to this blog! I found Lucy about 4 years ago on a street corner in downtown Richmond - she was only 4 weeks old, huddled up against a Times Dispatch box - I thought she was a rat at first! She came to me at a time when my girl Grimmy was dying of oral cancer. LuLu was an amazing comfort during that time - she's my miracle kitty :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

M&G's and a play date for Smokey...and oh yeah, a little 80's metal reunion

Here are a few pics of the 80's bands of Charleston getting together to raise money for a fellow guitarist who passed away. It was very surreal for me. The pic of me on stage is with musicians that I played with in 3 different bands - Black Widow, Silent Knight, and Steel Rose. The drummer, Chuck, and one of the guitrists, Jay, and I have not been on stage together in 23 years! Being on stage is the best freakin' thing in the whole wide world - I could so fall into the trap of being in a band again! Moving on....
Butler can't believe I came home with another dog!
I think this picture of a Greyhound play date speaks for itself. (Smokey and Brady)
Anyway, we had our first M&G at the PetSmart in our neck of the woods today. It went really well considering it was hot and muggy - although the hounds would probably tell you differently! Lots of people stopped by and asked questions and I feel like this is another good area to spread the word about how awesome Greyhounds are.