Friday, December 24, 2010

It's official, Smokey is freaked out by Santa!

Most of you know I'm a Board member and volunteer with Hickory Hill - an all-breed rescue. So when we did Santa Paws photos at PetSmart, I took the opportunity to introduce Smokey to Santa. I took this picture behind the photographer. Smokey was FREAKED! And this is a hound that LOVES people of all ages and sizes - loves cats (won't even go after a cat in the backyard!) and other dogs. So I figured, meeting Santa would be a piece of cake. NOT! He actually had a look on his face at one point like he was going to bite him! Shaking, trying to run away, it was hysterical! And you know it was such an exhausting experience that he came home and slept for like 8 hours!
So, we've been doing alot of fostering for my other group, Hickory Hill. Smokey and the cats are quite the hound snobs! If it ain't a hound, they ain't happy! But then again, try fostering a young terrier, I dare ya! This is Big Walt - saved out of a rural kill shelter - he was injured early in life and will need FHO surgery. He is the only pup that harassed Smokey so much that Smokey tried to bite him! Lets just say that I was the only one in the house that loved this dog - I thought he was terrific. On day 2, ALL of the animals, including the husband, would not hang out in the same room with me and Big Walt! But I LOVE Terriers, and this guy was so smart! The reality, I like my lazy ass Greyhounds that don't require much more than what my cats need!
Then there was Janie Bee, a young Puggle. Oh boy, Puggles are the WORST combination of 2 really great breeds - hence, lots being returned or ending up in the shelter. This little girl was actually alot of fun and was adopted in a week. We currently have another Puggle that I'm contemplating fostering - God help me! All of us here in the Pierce household wish all of you a Merry Christmas!!!!!


  1. In the picture of Smokey and Santa it looks like Smokey is thinking, "If I don't see him, he's not there." Glad he recovered from the trauma. :-)

  2. Poor Smokey! My hounds don't like Santa either, so they empathize!